Sponsoring Organisations

Support from the Commercial and Industrial (C&I) establishments in source separation and delivery of adequate food waste to O · PARK1 is crucial to the effective operation of the plant.

The current response from the trade is positive, we have already secured the support and commitment from over 200 food waste generating establishments from different sectors, including :

The Benefits of
Early Expression of Interest

C&I establishments who have an early indication of their interest could enjoy the following benefits:

To secure a proper outlet of their food waste well in advance of the rollout of the Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Charging Scheme so as to save MSW charges on the food waste portion generated;

Carbon reduction and appreciation certificate would be awarded to participants for official publications in the sustainable annual reports; and

Enhance C&I establishments’ environmentally friendly image and in turn attract more customers.

Important to
Separate Food Waste at Source

Effective food waste separation at source is the pre-requisite for providing good quality food waste to O · PARK1. Inert materials and certain types of food waste (e.g. oversized bones, clam shells and oyster shells) are not suitable for the biological decomposition process. They would disrupt the delicate anaerobic digestion process and may cause suspension of the plant operation.

Training Sessions

Upon request, EPD can help arrange training sessions with participating stakeholders, as well as technical support to line management and frontline staffs.

Practice Guide

A Code of Practice provides guidance to food waste producers and collectors to assist them to comply with the requirements of food waste separation, storage, collection and delivery to O · PARK1.


Expression of Interest Proforma

Those who are interested in deliver food waste to O · PARK1 are required to submit the duly completed EOI proforma to the HKSAR Government.


O · PARK1's Carbon Emissions Reduction Calculator

A Carbon Calculator Website has been launched to facilitate the participants of O · PARK1's Carbon Reduction Certification Scheme to access their food waste delivery and the respective carbon reduction records.

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Food Waste Collection
and Delivery

Food waste collectors who are interested in providing food waste delivery service to O · PARK1 are required to complete and return the administrative registration form together with the required documents (valid business registration certificate, valid vehicle licence(s) and recent photos of the vehicle(s). Registered food waste collectors have to comply with the Operational Guidelines to ensure the food waste delivered to O · PARK1 meets the requirements.

Administrative Registration Form

Business Registration Certificate

Vehicle Licence(s)

Recent Photos of the vehicle(s)

Food waste collectors will record the quantities and collection locations of food waste on the Food Waste Collection and Delivery Record for record purpose.